mgsub v1.0 Launched to CRAN

Multiple, simultaneous string substitions done safely.

Mark Ewing

9 minute read

Official CRAN Launch Earlier this week I submitted mgsub to CRAN and after a couple of days it was accepted! Now it’s live! I’m very excited to have published my second package and one that I think is a more valuable contribution than my first. The package represented a few firsts for me. The first package that I wrote tests for, checked code coverage on and for which I wrote a vignette.

One Year of Trump Executive Orders

How does Trump's use of Executive Orders in his first year line up?

Mark Ewing

4 minute read

First Year Less than a week ago marked the end of Trump’s first year in office. Back in August I posted code on analyzing the issuing of Executive Orders. Today I’m just going to provide updated commentary. Notes The Federal Register takes time to actually publish Executive Orders. This window is variable but has a median value of 5 days. That’s why this post is coming out on the 25th instead of the 20th.

Safe, Multiple String Substitutions with mgsub::mgsub

Solving an infrequent problem with a package.

Mark Ewing

5 minute read

String substitutions Note - the package I wrote was originally inspired by a challenge a coworker tossed out. It also happened to provide a solution to this SO question which was really cool! Substitutions in strings are best handled with regular expressions which are an amazingly powerful and flexible tool. Regular expressions are a way of expressing patterns in strings. In the example below I want to find the four letters, “dopa” and replace them with “meta”.