Fun Math Problems

Math is hidden in plain sight!

Mark Ewing

1 minute read

Meme Me Up, Scotty! Every now and then on Twitter or Facebook there’s a math problem posted which challenges users to get the right answer. They’re almost always based on order of operations and the reason most people get them wrong is because they don’t remember that elementary rule. It’s hard to blame most people since a lot of math that’s used day to day doesn’t require order of operations.

Bucket List

Why does my bucket list grow faster than my completed list?

Mark Ewing

4 minute read

Bucket List Most people end up having a list of things they’d like to do in their life before they ‘kick the bucket’. Often this is made up of big events - a foreign trip, some daredevil adventure. But sometimes that list is a bunch of little things. R I’ve published a package on CRAN - readOffice - which was designed to enable the importing of text from modern Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.