I’m Mark Ewing. I’m just some guy who currently lives in the northeast part of Tennessee, just barely too far from Asheville, NC to drink Wicked Weed beer every weekend. I work for a big company doing a bunch of stuff and often that stuff involves R. I love R. I mean, not in a creepy way, yet most people still find it creepy. I first learned R in a linear algebra class in college back in 2006 and used it until I finished my masters degree in Applied Statistics. I introduced the company I work for now to R back in 2010 and worked really hard to grow its use and usability in an enterprise environment.

I guess I’m starting ths blog because I want to do more technical writing or something. Also, I’ve started publishing packages and so I need a platform to promote them on and starting a blog seems like a great way to get r-bloggers to publish my content. We’ll see how it goes.